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Summer 2024 Drama Workshops
ages 4 - 7


The Lion King | musical theatre (2 day workshop)  

Mon 29th & Tues 30th July

10am -11:30am (both days)

@ Farleigh School Theatre, Andover

Stampede your way into our very special musical theatre workshop this summer. Unleash your lion cub energy and learn a routine to the magical songs from 'The Lion King'. Come and step into character, play drama games and put on a short performance to parents at the end of the second day in a wonderful modern theatre. 

No performing experience needed, just a willingness to perform and roar your way to the stage. 

£22 per child

10% sibling discount (for subsequent siblings)

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Shoes on Superheroes

Thurs 1st August

10am -11:30am

@ Testbourne School, Whitchurch

What was that noise? Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Or was it your very own superhero who you're going create this summer?

Play our engaging drama games to become a collection of superhero characters and create dramatic stories to act out in front of your fellow heroes. The only limit is your own imagination, which we know will take you to the most creative of places! 

There will be a mixture of games and activities to suit all abilities.

£10 per child

10% sibling discount (for subsequent siblings)


Bluey's Drama Adventure

Wed 21st August

10am -11:30am

@ Testbourne School, Whitchurch

Bluey and Bingo are always laughing their way in and out of funny situations, which you can now be part of. Come along and play our energetic drama games as we embark on Bluey's Drama Adventure. We need your help and brilliant imaginations to create storylines that you can jump into and act out. We might even play a few of Bluey's favourite party games too...

£10 per child

10% sibling discount (for subsequent siblings)

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