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“My daughter LOVES going to Shoes on Theatre and her confidence has soared since she started attending. Thank you both for all of your hard work and making the group so fun and welcoming!”

Hayley, Parent.

Hayley, Parent.

Weekly Workshops for 4-7s


What to expect from our workshops

Our drama workshops are here to give the children an insight into the world of theatre and creativity. Our 4-7s will embark on a dramatic adventure, which will encourage them to take a step into the magical world of drama.

What to expect from the weekly workshops:


  • A chance to engage in drama games 

  • Release their creativity through drama play

  • Build confidence through encouragement to speak out alone or in groups

  • To make more friends in the local area

  • A class performance each year, every child has a speaking role and character

We believe that drama is one of the foundations of a confident and creative child. We will ensure each workshop is enjoyable and beneficial for all children.

Some past performances for ages 4-7 have been:

Jack and the Beanstalk (2020)

The Wizard of Oz (2020)

To Neverland (2022)

The Secret Recipe (2023)


Day: Wednesdays 

Time: 4pm-5:15pm

Place: Andover Community Church, Andover.


Day: Thursdays 

Time: 3:50pm-5:05pm

Place: Gill Nethercott Centre, Whitchurch

Day: Saturdays 

Time: 9:20am-10:50am

Place: Testbourne Community School, Whitchurch.

Drama Room.


£97 per 12 week term (1hr 15 mins classes)

£116 per 12 week term (1hr 30 mins classes)

Feel free to book a trial class and we'll let you know our current availability. 

We offer a 10% discount for all subsequent siblings.

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